Whitfield wanderings

Nine Polyfellers took part in the Whitfield show race, which has a theoretical distance of 4.7 miles and climbs around 750′, so a short and sharp race then, without complication.

The thing about show races is that they lull you into a false sense of security.  Sunny day, well marked route, generally easy ground – not really fellrunning at all and certainly no need for any kit on a fair day.  All you need to do is follow the tapes, the signs and the runner in front and focus on the racing.

Our polyposse managed to traverse at least five alternative variations of the route with only those fast enough (Gary) to keep the lead quad bike in sight and experienced enough to have done it before (DJ) running the course.  Mark and Terry made similar mistakes and somehow made a shortcut longer?! Will, Katherine and Michael decided to a good extra 1km at the end and ran through the finish the wrong way.  It was, in truth, a bit of a farce.  Signs, it seemed, were missing….

But everyone made it back safely and it was a lovely run out.  So any short term annoyance as quickly forgotten.

Gary Robson took the 50 points in the Poly champs and was 4th overall. Terry Brown was 11th overall and continues his fine introduction to the fells.  Mark Smith was 19th, somehow, having been near the back of the 69 runners at the top of the first climb and was lucky so many went astray.  The full roll of honour is given below.

NAME Position TIME
Gary Robson 4 32:58
Terry Brown 11 38:55
Mark Smith 19 40:52
Michael Kane 25 41:47
Katherine Davis 27 42:06
Willliam Powiss 29 42:16
David Johnson 34 46:23
Angela Green 37 46:53
Rachel Inman 40 48:26
No-one has a clue which way to go

There is just one race to in the Poly Championships, next week’s Thropton Show race.  After that, it’s the Polyfellers ‘do’ and perhaps some winter racing?


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